18 Sep 2011

"Barcelona", Out in stores October 18th 2011

Our first album "Barcelona" will be in stores the next October 18th.
This is the official teaser video made by our friend Xavi Trilla (form Blank Milk Studios) who stayed with us during all the recording process.

Album: Barcelona

Song List

1. Dreams

2. Welcome to life.

3. Forest

4. Paperboy

5. No radar No phone

6. David Has.

26 Jul 2011


Time to have fun and hang out with friends after mixing and mastering.
Work is done. 6 track album. Quite different sound than the demo we had, but even more CCC magic on it! We really hope you like it and we really hope to see you out there very soon in the shows we will play.

Keep in touch for releasing dates after summer!!

In the meatime...

Mario: Thailand with Luca.
Joan: Top Secret.

Wish you all the best.


15 Mar 2011


Seguimos con la mezcla del disco. Esperamos poder enseñaros algo pronto.
We keep mixing the record. We hope we can show you something soon.

Un abrazo,

Fotos de Virgili Juvero en el Parque del Retiro, Madrid.
Pictures taken by Virgili Juvero in Parque del Retiro, Madrid.

19 Feb 2011

DAYS 5 & 6

We are back at the hotel and tomorrow we will be back home...!!

We would like to thank all the Mushroom Pillow team and all the Red Led people, specially Joaquín, our engineer.
It has been an amazing time. We have learned a lot of things and it has been an amazing experience for us.
We hope you will like the record...

Keep in touch for further tour and releasing dates.


15 Feb 2011


We have finished drums and we've recorded acoustic and electric guitars for two of the songs.
Tomorrow we'll continue recording guitars for the other songs.

See you tomorrow!

14 Feb 2011


First day in the studio. Luca has recorded drums all day.

It has been an amazing day...!!
Keep in touch for further posts!!

Thanks for your support.