10 Feb 2011


Hi Everyone!

As we said in the last post, we have a lot of things to tell you. Most of these things have been       happening during the last few moths and are the main reason why we have been quite "dissapeared". Apart from those, nothing have changed except Mario's mustache (R.I.P).

Ok, let's say it! We are extremely glad to announce  that we have recently got signed to a record label!! We are very, very, exited about it...! The label is called Mushroom Pillow and is a Spanish Independent Record Label who has also it's own international booking and management agency called Artica. Both the record label and the agency have a lot of experience working with new bands like us and we truly admire all their achievements regarding their bands. In fact, from now on, we are going to be next to Delorean, We are Standard, Triangulo de Amor Bizarro, The Sunday Drivers, Polock or French Horn Rebelion, who are, among others, the bands who belong to Mushroom Pillow.

So, the adventure begins now, and after more than a year composing music at home we are getting into the studio to record our first album! We are traveling to Madrid on Sunday and we are going to be there for a whole week recording our songs, we hope to have an amazing time there... Furthermore, Luca, a very good friend of us, will join the team to record the drums, as he is going to be, from now on, the CCC's live drummer.

That's all.
Maybe too many things for a single post...We'll tell you more in the next!

Thank you for your support and see you very soon.

Joan & Mario.

1 comment:

  1. PERFEECT!!!!!
    Todo good news, brutal!
    Me alegro muchísimo por vosotros, por CCC y por Luca, el bateria este del que hablais, tiene muy buena pinta tot plegat!
    Looking forward to see you!